All Community Projects

RoboCash, Fun Short Commercial on Nano Ecosystem

A 50 sec. comedic video on how to use a nano-fueled cash-back phone spam blocker and cash out.

Privacy research development in Nano

Research and development of methods for implementing privacy at the consensus and transaction level in Nano

Distributed Proof of Work System

DPoW supports other community services in the Nano ecossystem by providing a cheap way to scale the computation of the required proof of work for transactions.

R/millionairemakers Monthly Donation Fund

Spreading Nano awareness to r/millionairemakers Subreddit!

#NanoTrashTag Bounty

Claim some Nano by cleaning up the world around you and posting about it on Twitter!

Nano Green Initiative

Harnessing the green tech of Nano to make Nano carbon neutral.

The Nano Center General Fund

Support the Nano Center