#NanoTrashTag Bounty

Claim some Nano by cleaning up the world around you and posting about it on Twitter!

Goal The purpose of this ongoing bounty initiative is to spread awareness of Nano’s green characteristics and showcase our great community through incentives to clean up the world around them. People and groups who post to Twitter using specific hashtags will be eligible to claim a portion of the fund.

Conditions to claim a bounty

  • Tweets must contain a photo of the area before cleaning started, as well as a photo after in the same location with the collected trash in bags. In one of the photos there must be a piece of paper including the Twitter handle (account name) of the person or group submitting, as well as the date.
  • Entry tweets must be submitted with #Nanotrashtag
  • Entry tweets must also include ONE or more of the following hashtags: #TrashTag, #Detrashed, #TrashTagChallenge, #Cryptocurrency
  • Bags must be 50L (13 Gallon) or larger to qualify. Bags must be reasonably full to qualify, or will only be eligible for a portion of the ‘per bag’ rate. Large trash items will be calculated individually if they cannot fit into a bag.
  • After posting to Twitter, PM @TheNanoCenter with the number of bags claimed, a link to the tweets, and a Nano address to receive your bounty. Only the original account that posted the tweet can claim the bounty.

Bounty distribution

Each bag claimed entitles the poster to 1/250th of the bounty fund at that given time. For example, if the person or group submits 10 bags, then they are entitled to 10/250th of the bounty fund at that time. Amounts are rounded to the nearest 1000th of a Nano.

Direct Donation Address


To view the current size of the fund, visit: https://nanocrawler.cc/explorer/account/xrb_19g4t1mhf8po9y4sns6c3m36kpkesxpjw3kbxz4fxawry49t4q9mu4nee1xj/history

Goal: 1500 Nano
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