R/millionairemakers Monthly Donation Fund

Spreading Nano awareness to r/millionairemakers Subreddit!


The purpose of this ongoing fund is to spread awareness to the subreddit r/millionairemakers by demonstrating Nano’s feeless nature to an audience outside of the Nano and crypto related communities. By donating to this fund you can help us in spreading adoption to other subreddits while helping to educate people about Nano. The Nano Center will donate a portion of the funds to each monthly winner, and will also post information regarding Nano’s unique benefits and why its feeless nature goes hand in hand with sending value, no matter how large.


The core idea of the r/millionairemakers/ subreddit is “If 1 million people gave a dollar to someone, they would be a millionaire.” People who are active within the r/millionairemakers/ subreddit donate to a monthly winner with the intent that with enough people donating, together we can make someone a millionaire. Some people donate in different cryptocurrencies, and others donate fiat currency using Paypal. In these cases, there are fees for the sender, so not all of the donated currency reaches the winner. With this fund, The Nano Center intends to spread awareness about the fee-less alternative. Each month a winner is selected on the subreddit, and a percentage of this fund will be donated to the winner using the Nano Reddit Tipbot. We will also give the winner information on how to withdraw and properly store their new currency, as well as links to other helpful resources. With your donation, we can spread adoption to other subreddits in a positive and meaningful way. A portion of this fund will also be used for a one-time invite competition to help gather members into the new MillionaireMakers Discord server.

Bounty distribution

Each month, 20% of the fund will be donated to the monthly winner of the subreddit’s drawing. After the fund has been open on The NanoCenter for 30 days, 10% of the fund will be allocated for the MillionaireMakers Discord invite competition.

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