Nanobomb: a game based faucet

Setting up Nanobomb, a nano based game as a faucet for new users to earn Nano by using Nano.

About Nanobomb

Nanobomb is already a fully functional nano based game, developed as a concept demonstration for nPass, a project that itself was developed as part of the recent Nano Build Off.

This simple game was primarily developed to show off the speed of Nano as an eCommerce solution, alongside the single-click persistent repeatable access provided by nPass Tokens, which are essentially a digitally signed nano payment receipt injected into HTTP request headers using JWT style bearer tokens.

The game itself is a simple card based game:

  • Single-click nano payments: Each card clicked generates a small 0.001 nano transaction as a payment to reveal the card.
  • Each card type has a different potential to add to your winnings - see the card legend for details.
  • Game over if you get more Bombs than Hearts, find the jackpot card (Colin), or get hacked by the bomber.
  • Note: Any money spent in the game can be reclaimed at any time in the session. This is not a gambling game, just a concept demonstration showing off the speed of Nano and nPass.

You can try it here:

Or you can see a recorded demo here -

nanobomb gif

This Project

So the purpose of this project would be to set up Nanobomb with enough funding to let it run for two years, acting as a kind of faucet where new users can earn small amounts of Nano (currently up to around 0.02 - 0.03 nano per game) incrementally by playing the game, and at the same time come away with a positive impression of the speed allowed by Nano and it's vast potential as an eCommerce enabler (i.e. showing off the ability to single-click a on a web page to generate a Nano transaction) .

To achieve this I would set aside 10 Nano per month to fund the jackpot/winnings pool, which will either be slowly drained over the course of the month as people use the game more, or accumulate until the jackpot pool becomes more valuable and provides more of an incentive to play.

As a side effect, with ongoing usage I would also be personally motivated to constantly improve upon the nPass wallet offering, developing better UI/UX and adding more features so that Nano might eventually have it's own version of metamask (but obviously much faster!).

In summary, I think nanobomb is well situated to become, with the help of community funding, a much more playful and interactive version of your typical nano faucet, allowing people to earn and accumulate nano by actually generating network activity and driving actual usage.

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