Distributed Proof of Work System

DPoW supports other community services in the Nano ecossystem by providing a cheap way to scale the computation of the required proof of work for transactions.

What is DPoW

The Distributed Proof of Work system allows any user to support Nano community services by providing a way to compute the required proof of work for transactions.

DPoW has helped reduce operating costs of community projects, such as faucets, tipping bots, and wallets. Its existence means services do not have to decide between renting expensive PoW servers and risking not being able to scale if they use only their own resources.

DPoW connects services and workers that provide their own spare resources. As a reward for helping, workers that provide the PoW will get monthly Nano payouts for their contributions.

Why are donations necessary

All donations will go towards maintaining the service, nothing will go towards development costs.

We intend on keeping the service free for community services as long as possible. To achieve this, there are some costs incurred:

  • Monthly payouts for workers as an incentive
  • Small server costs (about $5 per month)

Every month, we will pay the server costs from the donation account and pay workers from a pool of 5-10% of the remaining balance (to decide based on amount of donations available).

If enough donations are provided, we will also explore running more servers to increase reliability.

Direct donation address


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