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Developer Bounty: Unity3D Plugin

Bounty for development of a stable Unity3D plugin, allowing game developers to integrate Nano

Nano Meetup Kampala, Uganda

Nano Meetup Kampala, Uganda aiming at creating Nano sensitization, awareness and adoption in Uganda, expected participants 50 May/June

Ghana Nano Meetup

A Meet-up in Kumasi, Ghana to raise awareness on how Nano is championing a new wave of digital payments on the Africa continent. The meet-up will be for 80 people and the plan is to organise it for Jan/Feb 2020.

RoboCash, Fun Short Commercial on Nano Ecosystem

A 50 sec. comedic video on how to use a nano-fueled cash-back phone spam blocker and cash out.

Privacy research development in Nano

Research and development of methods for implementing privacy at the consensus and transaction level in Nano

Twitch Distribution Games and Faucets

Racing Marbles for Nano!

Nano Venezuela Billboard

Creating Brand-Awareness


Tip NANO as an incentive

Google Ads Display Promotion

Promote Nano to regions of the world that can benefit and use Nano this will be done through the Google Display Network

Plug and Play Unity3D Plugin to Easily Integrate Nano Payments Into Games

This plugin will make integrating nano payments into your games developed in Unity3D close to drag and drop.


Bring Nano's speed to users with a single click. The fastest way to test the fastest currency. Help fund our servers!


A block explorer and network status tool


Intuitive NANO wallet focused on ease-of-use, speed, and reliability.

Achieving Adoption in Venezuela II

Supporting education, adoption and the development of the Nano ecosystem in Venezuela


NanoQuake is an implementation of Yamagi Quake 2 with Nano based transactions and customisations built in.

Website Redesign Proposal

A redesign of how the website looks and feels along with development updates

Bruno Garcia to Bitconf

Bitconf ‘Summer Edition’ is the 2nd edition of Bitconf in Brazil this year. It will be from November 16th-17th.

Video Series Commission

Recently The Nano Center ran a competition for a “Change Your Representative” video which was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. There were some excellent entries and it quickly became clear that there is an abundance of talented content creators in the Nano Community.

Google Ads - NANO Video Marketing

The proposal in this case is to market the video created by Nano Center and spread wider to reach the audiences that are interested in cryptocurrency, technology & targeted channels using the Google Ad network. With this initial test budget of $1,000 we would expect to see around 7,000-10,000 video views to a highly targeted audience. The advantage of Google Ads is that we can track everything and feed back all results to the community reporting on all and every metric from device used, browser, age, number of people who watched 25%,50%,75% of the video etc.

Achieving adoption in Venezuela

We will create a non-profit organization with members capable for the job. We already have the collaboration of a marketing company called Salvatori Agencies

Nano KPI - E-Sports

We would sponsor a leading Spanish E-Sports team (KPI Gaming) in a large scale event(Dreamhack Valencia), on July 12th.

Mellow Ads

A simple banner ad campaign targeting BTC faucet users and redirecting them to Nano's very own faucet