Plug and Play Unity3D Plugin to Easily Integrate Nano Payments Into Games

This plugin will make integrating nano payments into your games developed in Unity3D close to drag and drop.

Right now there is no easy way to integrate most cryptocurrencies in Unity3D games. I am building a plugin that will make integrating Nano payments into any Unity3D game extremely easy. It will allow you to create wallets, send payments, receive payments, exchange Nano for digital goods, etc.

I am an experienced game developer specializing in Unity3D development. I have experiencing developing games for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. In addition, my company is registered as a Sony PS4 game developer. My goal with this project is to bring Nano to all of the platforms listed above.

Any funding that backs this project will not be pocketed. 100% of the community funding will be routed back into this venture. I plan on releasing the plugin 100% for free on the Unity asset store.

The funding is just to pay for things like backend servers, icons, etc. If I get lots of funding, I’ll use the extra to either contract some help or advertise the plugin to spread the word.

Unity3D is phase 1 of this project. After the Unity3D plugin is live and stable on the Unity asset store, I will begin development on a plugin for Unreal Engine to help Nano reach even more game developers.

Given Nano's speed and lack of fees, I truly believe it is the future of crypto currency micro payments within games.

Fund Disbursement Schedule

33% at time of development 33% during prototype testing 34% upon approval by Unity

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