Achieving Adoption in Venezuela II

Supporting education, adoption and the development of the Nano ecosystem in Venezuela

In 2018, we built the base for this to work, we already have the structure necessary to start marketing Nano in Venezuela. We already have a website where the community can rely on Nano Venezuela and the LocalNano platform is ready, and we created the proper branding.

The Nano Venezuela Foundation's mission is to present to the country an alternative payment system, positively influencing Venezuelan society. We will be hosting meet-ups for entrepreneurs and for the community with professional speakers, the meet-ups will be documented with photos and audiovisual material. Additionally we'll be investing in paid advertising on social networks, visual and written content.

We will keep developing the Nano ecosystem in Venezuela with the development of 2 more websites for Q2:

  • A directory for businesses in Venezuela
  • A Nano School for Digital Entrepreneurship (where we plan to dictate free courses to teach people how to be an entrepreneur).

This project seeks to position Nano to a national level, where the average person can learn how to transact with Nano and learn how to benefit from this new digital economy. The Nano Venezuelan Foundation believes that we can achieve it if we all work together for this goal.

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