Bruno Garcia to Bitconf

Goal: $300 USD (100% Funded)

Who is Bruno Garcia? Bruno is a longtime community manager of Nano. He has been actively engaged with his Brazilian community which now boasts over 15,000 followers on Facebook. He has remained an active contributor, educator, and enthusiast of all things Nano.

Bitconf ‘Summer Edition’ is the 2nd edition of Bitconf in Brazil this year. It will be from November 16th-17th. The Brazilian community paid to sponsor the first edition of Bitconf and Bruno was able to talk about Nano extensively to the Brazilian community. He was also able to connect the CoinBene team to the Nano team as a direct result of the conference! For the upcoming ‘Summer Edition’, Bruno was invited as a speaker for Nano but the event will take place far from his home.

We would like to ask the Nano community for their support in covering Bruno’s travel and accommodation costs to attend the conference. If you are interested in supporting this goal, please consider a donation.

Funding Completed!

⋰·⋰ Thanks for your support! ⋰·⋰

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