Nano Venezuela Billboard

Creating Brand-Awareness

We are glad to present to the community a proposal that will bring Nano-awareness to millions of citizens in Caracas, Venezuela (the current population of the Metropolitan Region of Caracas is about 6 millions individuals). With this billboard we want the local population to familiarize with Nano as a currency and as a tool for Venezuelans living abroad to send remittances to their families living in the country, in a free and instant way.

This billboard is the first step to start creating brand-awareness in the country, after this we plan to do a media tour to keep the momentum going. Awareness of a product—in this case Nano—is necessary to create trust in the customer towards the product. If the customer hasn't heard about Nano before, it is less likely he or she is going to take it seriously. So our work is to push harder for Nano to be recognized as a trust-worthy brand and currency.

Billboard options:

Original image

Time: 3 months (the time can be extended, but it can't be reduced because of intern policies of the company)

The company we are working with is Vepaco, a well-known company with 90 years of experience in the Venezuelan market. You can find the budget made by Vepaco here for the 4 options. The billboard will be available for 3 months. We'll be adding the IVA (a tax that is not included in the budget as it is stated on the document) and $340,2 to pay our designer for his work and for the post-billboard marketing (which includes pictures and marketing in social networks).

We'll be aiming for the billboard with the code 6488H for stage 1 (if it is still available). In the case this Billbord is not available by the time this project gets funded, we'll procede to find another Billboard.

Stage 1: 6488H Billboard + IVA (16%) + Design = $2167 USD


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