Developer Bounty: Unity3D Plugin

Bounty for development of a stable Unity3D plugin, allowing game developers to integrate Nano

This bounty is for the creation of a published plugin for the Unity3D game engine. A Nano plugin for this engine would allow game developers to easily integrate Nano into their games in a number of unique ways. Further, a stable plugin would allow anyone the ability to integrate Nano with a fraction of the knowledge required for a normal integration. This would open Nano to thousands of potential developers, and is an important step toward adoption in a wider ecosystem.

Feel free to use this Unreal Engine 4 plugin as a feature guide. Here is that plugin being demonstrated.

For completion of the bounty, a stable Unity3D plugin needs to be released to the Unity Asset Store for free. This plugin should include at minimum:

  • Functions contained in NanoBlueprintLibrary and NanoManager
  • Ideally everything would be done over a websocket available through Unity, and have whoever is running the plugin act as a client.
  • A way to encrypt/decrypt seed files (we suggest sha-256)
  • Sign blocks
  • Call into a work server (or ideally allow the developer choose a server if a default one isn't available)
  • Polling for pending blocks

For a full list of features/requirements, see the attached doc here

Before releasing to the Unity Asset Store, the finished plugin needs to be emailed to In the event there are multiple viable submissions, the proposals will be voted on by TNC ambassadors. Winner will take the full amount of the bounty.

The Nano Center will wait 30 days from the time of the first submission to judge all submitted plugins. This is done to allow plugins still in development ample time to finish.

Direct Donation Address: nano_1rjywarmqh18rmbbggpmzd49qcz1wrwaib6ib7yjbtwjepp89rjmprrc3ppg


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