Website Redesign Proposal

A redesign of how the website looks and feels along with development updates

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The goal of this proposal is to improve The Nano Center website in functionality, design, and accessibility for current and future users. Future campaigns will bring traffic to our site and it is important that we give new users a positive experience. A brief summary of these planned additions can be found below.



A redesign of how the website looks and feels. Organization, graphic design, etc.
Our website represents much of the larger Nano community. Our hope is to reflect that in a professional way.


  • UI improvements for increased utilization for both new and future users.
  • UX improvements for a better user experience.
  • Mobile compatibility.


  • TNC intends to be a comprehensive source for all community-made tutorials, guides, and how-to’s.
  • Support continued creation of education materials.


  • TNC has monthly costs to pay for our website servers.
  • Small projects often pop up that don’t warrant a separate proposal.

Proposed Additions

TNC Wiki page

  • Allow for continual creation of nano-related educational materials.
  • Anyone would be free to add or edit content after moderator approval.
  • Act as a central reference point for anyone with questions involving the network and ecosystem.
  • A ledger of all disbursements of community donations for specific projects for full transparency of reason/cost.

TNC Blog

  • TNC platform to post articles
  • Podcast highlights from TWiN (This Week in Nano)
  • Anything else the community supports. (An evolving form that would involve many voices)

TNC development fund donation button

  • Create an option for users to donate to a TNC development fund at any time. This would be separate from any proposed project and would remain completely transparent.
  • The TNC development fund would allow us to: form as a nonprofit, pay website server costs, fix ongoing issues, and support future TNC endeavours.

Funding Goal

Our funding goal for this project is $2,000 in nano. All funds would go towards development and design of the new website. The goal is to keep the majority of the disbursements within the Nano community. At the end of the project, all disbursed payments will be available to be viewed by anyone on our Wiki page.

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