Video Series Commission

Goal: $800 (100% Funded)

Recently The Nano Center ran a competition for a “Change Your Representative” video which was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. There were some excellent entries and it quickly became clear that there is an abundance of talented content creators in the Nano Community.

It would seem like a missed opportunity for the community not to engage these talented individuals in further projects. Ideally, we would like some division of responsibility to avoid people investing so much time and effort on the same subjects, with a $200(worth of nano) incentive to the winner in each category.

As we stated in the proposal, u/thunderFD had right of first refusal on making a video for this series. He has decided to produce the 'Overview of how the network works' video. The three other videos are free for anyone to submit to.

Overview of how the network works
  • What is a wallet? Cover importance of the seed and what it is.
  • What the network is for and how it works - using simple language

Video Entry Requirements:

All videos should be tailored to cryptocurrency amateurs in the same fashion as our ‘Change Your Rep’ video.

The video should be relatively short and concise. Please keep your entries under two minutes in length. Must be accompanied by a step by step write-up in the video description.

Minimum resolution 1080p.

Submissions should be direct messaged to u/TheNanoCenter on Reddit and/or sent to the ‘Competition Submissions’ channel in our Discord. Winning videos will be posted from The Nano Center’s Youtube account.

Deadline for all videos: 10/5/18 23:59 PST

How to remove funds from Binance to your personal wallet
  • Brief explanation of why this is necessary and how to do it safely
How to purchase Nano
  • Avoid jargon or crypto terminology unless simply explained. (Fiat, exchange terminology etc)
  • Basic hand holding through Coinbase/Gdax-->Binance-->personal wallet
How to use fiat gateways


  • Each first place video will receive $200 of Nano and a NanoThings t-shirt
  • 2nd and 3rd place videos will receive a NanoThings t-shirt
  • All entrants will receive a sticker pack

Selection process

Anyone in the community will be able to submit videos for all remaining video projects(including multiple submissions across categories). Thus, anyone may submit their entry for any of the remaining three video topics other than 'Overview of How the Network Works'. The videos will then be judged on the same criteria as the 'Change you Rep Video' (graphics and design, voice-over, content and delivery).

The judges are yet to be selected but will include Brian White from the Nano Center, a member of the Nano Foundation, and another judge to be announced.

Funding Completed!

⋰·⋰ Thanks for your support! ⋰·⋰

Top Contributors: ThrowAwayLouisa, Edu, Kedrin, Roger Ver, Not that guy again, Allin.BET - Terje69,, Nachodon