Achieving adoption in Venezuela

Goal: $1,700 USD (100% Funded)

We will create a non-profit organization with members capable for the job. We already have the collaboration of a marketing company called Salvatori Agencies — which will provide our organization a website for marketing purposes—with the support of accountants, lawyers and the support of the LocalNano developer.

First of all we need to build a base in order for this to work:

  • The non-profit organization
  • The website

We need companies to take us seriously, and the best way to achieve that is having those 2 things first.

We want to achieve natural adoption for Nano, and for that we need to convince companies and medium-sized businesses to use Nano and do it as a organized body of people, as a group of people going in the same direction.

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The Full Illustrated description can be found here

Funding Completed!

⋰·⋰ Thanks for your support! ⋰·⋰

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