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Project Guidelines

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  • All proposals must be submitted to The Nano Center via the website -
  • Each proposal must have a named “Leader/Coordinator” who will assume ultimate responsibility for the project. This individual can be the initial proposer or another nominated person.
  • Project leaders/coordinators must disclose their identity to at a minimum The Nano Center Co-Founders.
  • We strongly advise that the budgeting for project is carried out with the highest diligence possible and cost implications be properly considered. It is within the proposers scope to change the budget as the project progresses but we strongly advise against this practise.
  • All financial information relating to the spending of community funds will be openly available for public consumption in their entirety.
  • Receipts/Tickets for spent funds must also be provided where possible and reported back to the community upon the completion of the project.
  • Funding will not be provided piecemeal. Full funding will be transferred to the Project leader/coordinator upon the completion of the funding phase.