Bring Nano's speed to users with a single click. The fastest way to test the fastest currency. Help fund our servers!

Direct deposit address: xrb_3q1mjwy7kfdbw7hnfep4i8k9n4e6boc5j9xgg8fr7fweuqe3rfqqgnehrqjr

NanoSpeed has allowed over 5,000 people to run nearly 30,000 speed tests since it’s launch less than 4 months ago. It continues to provide the fastest way to test the fastest currency. The latest round of improvements along with Nano’s Dolphin release allow anyone who finds Nano to “try out” a transaction in real time in less than 5 seconds.

I am coming to the community today to ask for funding to continue to run this service for the next 18 months. The monthly costs are as follows:

  • 3 x $15 per node monthly (Hosted on DigitalOcean 1GB RAM and 3 vCPUs)
  • 1 x $15 backend monthly (Hosted on DigitalOcean 1GB RAM and 3 vCPUs)
  • 1 x $14 MySQL database monthly (AWS t2.micro with 20GB storage)
  • 1 X $22 domain name registration yearly

Total cost for 18 months (all prices in are USD):

$1365 USD (roughly 1600 Nano)

Additionally I plan to continue to support the site from a technical side and make further improvements to the existing codebase. Over the last couple weeks stability of the service has been drastically increased and further improvements are yet to come.

I want to extend an additional thanks to Andy, Joohansson, Dotcom, Jayycox, IcarusGlider, Mitche50 and the countless other for their ongoing support and advice, especially through the lastest website improvement. I also want to thank my partner for tolerating my recent code binge.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly on Discord, Reddit or by email.



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