RoboCash, Fun Short Commercial on Nano Ecosystem

A 50 sec. comedic video on how to use a nano-fueled cash-back phone spam blocker and cash out.

Project Founder Message: Hi All,

First off, let me say, what a great community! If you’re trying to build an application and have some technical knowledge, the technical folks in this community (you know who you are!) are more than willing to help you out if you’re stuck on something. I can’t count the number of times I ran to the NanoCenter or Nano Discord to troubleshoot my challenges working with the Nano RPC, or setting up dPoW, etc.

I’m so glad to have had that support as it has helped me move past developmental issues and focus on big picture items. This is helped me focus on successfully getting my startup into a FinTech incubator. I’m excited to give back to the community by bringing yet another use-case for Nano, a cash-back spam-killer.

If funded, this silly/educational commercial will show how easy it is to use the RoboCash app to kill phone scams, get cash-back (in Nano), and cash out through the existing Nano ecosystem. The 2nd round of funding would help me run light marketing in the most spammed metro of the US, Dallas, TX. Just like with Cryptocurrencies, RoboCash lives or dies by the network effect, so we need to grow big as quickly as possible and every little bit helps!

Sincerely, Adrian E. Garcia, RoboCash Founder

Hi All,

Adrian Garcia from RoboCash here. Since my last post, I’ve wrapped up my graduate career and was lucky enough to get the RoboCash concept into a orange county FinTech incubator called EvoNexus where I work on RoboCash full-time with my team of 5. You can read our updated “white paper” here.

TL;DR, we’re a free cash-back phone spam killer in a mobile app. We use “NanoDeposits” to establish trust between 2 unknown parties. The unknown caller leaves a small deposit (currently $0.05) to ring your phone, if you pick up and the conversation lasts more than some time (currently 25s), the caller gets their deposit back in full. Nano makes sense since it can be transferred back and forth, in real-time, at no loss to the 2 parties, and can be used globally. Our biggest differences from our competitors is: 1: We directly target the root cause of spam calls, economic incentives. 2: We let anyone bypass our filter with a NanoDeposit (e.g., solve the false positives problem that a solution like iOS 13’s “Silence Unknown Callers” option has). 3: We put full control in your hands and let you decide what is spam or not (e.g., takes regulatory pressure off carriers). 4: We don’t charge you for this service since it’s ridiculous to make you pay a fine to use a broken phone system. Our ultimate goal is to create businesses models where all participants in the ecosystem benefit from the tech and can receive direct financial incentives for being part of our solution. We have grand visions for how to make this work, but first, we need to kill phone spam.

EvoNexus is a non-profit incubator that does not fund us. They give us resources, mentorship, office space, and help us grow with the goal to “graduate” with a Series A round within 2 years. We’re currently pre-seed, pre-revenue, so I’m asking the Nano community for a little help with funding a comedic awareness commercial. We’re looking at an Android app beta release in Mid Q1 and want to be sure our users know they can cash out and spend their funds as they please.

About me; I’m a data-driven engineer with a passion for exploring the unknown and an obsessive personality. I’ve popped in and out of the online Nano community and flew out to London to be part of the summer 2019 meetup. To me, RoboCash is just 1 demonstration of how this codebase (Nano) can financially enhance a legacy infrastructure as a “2nd layer” in a user-friendly way. I hate how scammers can exploit our systems to steal from our vulnerable. I'm fed up with spam calls and I know other countries have the problem too. I’m coming forward with a well-thought out solution that will work globally and I’m taking a traditional tech start-up path to make that happen. I’m aware of government / common carrier based solutions like TRACED and STIR/SHAKEN; IMHO, they’ll just encourage spammers to become sophisticated (using shell companies / declaring bankruptcy when fined, etc.). They don’t ultimately solve the problem of unwanted calls, nor do they make us any more excited to receive calls. If there was some cash on the other side of that call, I’d surely be curious to see what’s up ?, wouldn’t you?

Also, I’m happy to serve the community with our freshly made representative, nano_3robocazheuxet5ju1gtif4cefkhfbupkykc97hfanof859ie9ajpdfhy3ez I’d be honored to become a principal representative over time. Thanks for your consideration!

PROPOSAL This proposal has 2 targets, Target 1 is 350 Nano to fund the commercial itself. Target 2 is 430 Nano to run a small marketing campaign in the Texas Triangle.

Purpose: Show funny scenario with RoboCash app. Show ease of withdrawal from RoboCash to Natrium, followed by “Cash out” with to buy a StarBucks gift card.

Plot background: Short humorous video depicting someone putting their number on every marketing site in order to lure spammers to call through RoboCash. As unknown numbers ring the phone, a automated touch-pen robot answers, then immediately hangs up the call in order to collect the deposit.

Bonus: This shows off the active Nano ecosystem and how easy it is for an app to focus purely on functionality, whilst other apps take care of things like wallets, payment processors, etc.
1: Wallet app: Natrium 2: Vendor: Buy gift cards with Nano through

-------Commercial Script-------

Scene 1 (5s) Camera pans in on flashy computer setup with 2 monitors and flashy RGB PC tower, keyboards, etc., RGB everywhere. 2 phones on a table. 1 Touch tip stylus is attached to a servo arm to “auto answer and hang up” on calls. 2nd phone operated by hand. Calls are constantly coming in on the 2 phones whilst the stylus works away, keeping deposits from spammers. A man works away at buidling at a 2nd simliar set-up (he should look visibly ragged and tired).

Scene 2 (15s) 3rd person / Desktop view “Sharing” window laptop screen. Background of scene 1 in upper corner of screen, like a Skype call’s sharing function.
Navigate to Click “Products" > "Gift Cards" > "Coffee" > "StarBucks" > "$5 USD" > "Add to Cart" > "Cart" > "Checkout" > "Email" > "Next" > "Nano" QR code shows up (NOTE: If possible, zoom in on the text for 1s)

Scene 3 (10s) Mobile view Go through withdrawal process on RoboCash out to Natrium.

NOTE: In general, think of this commercial as a quick “how-to” for older folks. It’s our first “training module”. I want someone to be able to see this, understand how to cash out (withdrawals) and purchase (have a “ like” experience through “”)

Scene 4 (10s) 3rd person / Desktop view Order page with QR code and number of nano to send Action: Use Natrium wallet to scan the QR code on the monitor *Visual 1: A phone windows of Natrium’s “Scan QR” function as it scans the QR code on the monitor.” Action: Fill in amount and Hit “Send” button on Natrium wallet + enter PIN Visual 1: A phone windows of Natrium’s “Scan QR” function as it sends nano to the QR-copied payment address and PIN is entered. *Visual 2: The monitor screen should respond after this to show “payment received.”

Scene 5 (10s) After order, man looks at empty coffee cup, yawns, and continues working on 2nd Servo arm . Scene fades out. RoboCash Logo + Tagline fades in. End video.


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