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TNC edit : The Bitfortip project met its Nano target last month and is underway, but due to an untimely drop in price and some of the Nano held by TNC the $ target for part two is a little shy. We have therefore reopened the project with a follow on target of 100 Nano to allow Panagot the chance to pull together all the funds he needs.

Awareness and spreading crypto in a positive manner can only be achieved if services are appealing to everyone and have a use case that actually make sense to the everyday user. Bitfortip definitely meets those criteria.

Use case examples below:

Upload a photo with your smartphone (i.e. a dress ) that you saw and liked on a magazine,website, Pinterest, Instagram or out in the streets and you don’t know where to buy it, connect it with a NANO reward of your choice and upload it to bitfortip so members can try and search it online for you in order for them to win the bitcoin reward.

*Find a better price for an item/service that you want. Offer a small NANO reward for members to search for you online. Example 5 Nano reward to find me this item/service f0r $80 instead 0f $100.

*Find a piece of information on the internet that you can’t find on your own. Post an inquiry along with a NANO reward for people to find you a certain link, image, e.t.c.

YouTube video showcasing the smartphone app:

Example image:

When a user registers he will get a personal NANO address where he can deposit funds in order to be able to post an inquiry with a NANO reward.

Bitfortip currently has 28.000 registered members and has been running for 4.5 years using only BTC.

Funds will be used towards the development and implementation of NANO cryptocurrency on the website and the smartphone app(iPhone and android devices) with the help of an additional developer and for hardware/server cost and promotion of NANO cryptocurrrency torwards it's current and future users.

$200 website code development. $100 smartphone code development. $100 server cost $100 Promotion on mass email list, websites and forums


NANO will be implemented on the website and the smartphone applications of Bitfortip.

To manage the risk and development of this ask, I have broken down the total ask into 2 phases (of $250 each) so that the second installment can be released by TNC once NANO cryptocurrency has been implemented on Bitfortip.

**Some more info: **

  1. 1200+ new visitors each week. 2.Participated in tech exhibitions at The Next Web in Amsterdam and the Next Web in Sofia. 3.Mentioned in multiple crypto related websites,forums and YouTube videos from around the world. 4.Showcased in universities and in crypto meetings here in Greece as a concept.



TNC update : The first stage of funding has been achieved and 300 Nano has forwarded.


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