A block explorer and network status tool

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Originally started as a hobby project to learn more about the Nano cryptocurrency, NanoCrawler has grown from a simple node monitor into a fully fledged network status tool and block explorer. Since its inception, it has quickly become the preferred block explorer for most Nano users.

NanoCrawler is solely built and maintained by Ryan LeFevre, aka meltingice, a long time Nano community member. The entire project is open-source and will always be free to use, thus relying on donations to help offset the server and development costs.

Right now, NanoCrawler is running on Hetzner on a dedicated server with spinning disk drives. Due to increased demand, NanoCrawler needs to make the transition to a new server with SSD’s. This new server would ideally be able to run two separate nodes at the same time - one with voting disabled solely for RPC commands and the other to host the voting representative node. This will ensure the maximum possible uptime for the block explorer while helping to maintain the Nano network as a voting representative.

In order to prevent a big move like this in the future, I would prefer to host NanoCrawler on a cloud server, which will allow for easy and seamless spec upgrades. Since there are many options out there, I would like to offer two donation tiers:

Tier 1 - 1000 NANO

If this tier is reached, I will move NanoCrawler to the CX51 cloud server on Hetzner. This provides 8 vCPUs, 32GB RAM, 240GB SSD, and 20TB of bandwidth. Extra bandwidth can be added for €1/mo per 1TB, but based on current network usage, this shouldn’t be an issue for quite some time. The monthly cost for this server is €29.90/mo.

Tier 2 - 2000 NANO

If this funding goal is reached, this tier will allow me to upgrade to dedicated vCPUs with the CCX31 cloud server on Hetzner, while maintaining the same specs elsewhere. Dedicated vCPUs mean that NanoCrawler will always have the same amount of CPU power available for voting and packet processing. This server costs more than double the first tier at €69.90/mo.

Your donations will help cover not only server costs for the next year, but also for my own time building and maintaining the NanoCrawler codebase and site ensuring everything is running smoothly and kept up to date.


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