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Racing Marbles for Nano!

Short Term Goal

I’d like to demonstrate a fun and games use case for Nano -- using Nano to interact with viewers on Twitch by racing marbles (and other live games). With sponsorship from The Nano Center, we can distribute Nano and onboard new crypto users in the greater Twitch community through engaging viewers with interactive live games and micro faucets.

To start: I’d like to host a series of Marble races using Marbles on Stream. Marbles on Stream is a physics simulation marble racing game that connects to Twitch and allows viewers in the chat to type “!play” to add a marble with their name to the race. Using this game I can fairly and randomly distribute Nano using distribution bots to give rewards to race winners, rain to all viewers, and allow small faucet amounts to viewers via a withdraw function in the chat. Everything already works! I have bots tested and ready to assist me with while live, thanks to @ridsevilla’s Cabbitminibot and Streamlabs Chatbot.

These bots used together create a streaming tool that can assist fledgling streamers by providing an incentive for regular and sustained viewership. Streamlabs Chatbot provides a loyalty point system that can be used to filter abuse and reward sustained viewership, and Cabbitminibot assists by registering nano addresses with Twitch IDs for easy micro tx via chat commands if certain criteria are met (minimum view time, subscriber status, activity status). It provides a great engagement tool for streamers who host giveaways and prizes with already large communities, allowing them to give back through micro tx to everyone, not just the big winners. I’d like to demonstrate this on my stream with one or more big live events with the crypto community.

Not much is required for this first event, just enough to make it worthwhile to participate and not enough to attract exploitation — 500 Nano. I propose a series of prize streams, at 3 streams a week, over 8 weeks. Each week will hold a 50 $Nano Prize Pool. Of this pool, Nano will be distributed as follows:

  • 10 Nano will be allocated to the micro faucet that all users can withdraw from after they accrue enough loyalty points. This can also be used for Nano rains during high volume. Excess not claimed will be rained on the final stream of the week.
  • 30 Nano will be distributed at 1 Nano per race, split to 1-3rd place, over 30 marble races held on 3 separate days.
  • 10 Nano will be distributed to a leaderboard at the end of the week at 4 Nano to the top racer, 3 Nano to second place, 2 Nano to third, and 1 Nano to whoever was eliminated the most over the week.
  • 100 Nano will be distributed through the Nanowheel. A roulette that viewers can spend loyalty points to spin.

These rewards will all be redeemable instantly in the chat. In order to redeem, viewers will need to create a wallet of their own in the application of their choice. I provide links in my panels and live feedback for individuals new to crypto.

I recently hosted a 50,000 $Banano marble race, to great success, with funds provided by the $Banano distribution fund. See below for video of the stream.

Long Term Goal : Nano Twitch Fund

Long term, I would like to create a fund for Streamers for their own stream faucets, and help them integrate Nano into their streamer/viewer relationship. This fund could be continually used to support a year's worth of these events on my stream and others. Over time we could create a community of Nano users using a real working currency, instead of things like bits (Twitch’s current interactive “cheering” feature), on live streaming platforms. With a community of new users we can direct them to places to trade their Nano for goods and services, or even integrate more games and features into Twitch for them to make transactions in overlays and extensions. If a streamer would like to use these tools, we can keep their faucets topped off with this fund managed by The Nano Center.

"Marbles on Stream" Game Clips

Here’s a prize distribution example from my Banano races. Here’s another stream where I give out rewards for the whole week at the end.


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