Nano Meetup Kampala, Uganda

Nano Meetup Kampala, Uganda aiming at creating Nano sensitization, awareness and adoption in Uganda, expected participants 50 May/June

Nano Meet Up In Kampala, Uganda is to create Nano sensitization and awareness on how Nano makes money efficient for a more equal world and how simpler it is to pay with.

This will lead to the evolution of digital payments in our country, with the fee-less transactions, instant payments which are easy to use.

Already we have put up an online store where anyone with in our major cities will be able to shop products and pay with Nano. ( With its success, many other merchants will integrate Nano into their stores. Our meetup is focusing on 50 participants and below is our agenda. 2:00-2:15P.M Welcoming participants and Introduction

2:15-2:30P.M Introduction to Blockchain

2:30 – 3:00P.M Introduction to Nano

3:00-3:15 P.M Creating Nano wallets

3:15-3:45 P.M Lunch and Refreshments

3:45-4:00 P.M Demoing on how to pay for products using Nano on shop 4:00-4:14PM Nano twitter & Telegram Tiping bots, Will tip every user that folloow our twiiter handle and Joinns our Telegram Group

4:15-4:30 PM Question and Answers


Venue: $50

Public speaking system: $25

Lunch & Drinks: $250

Swag ( Nano branded T-shirts, Banner): $150

Total: $475

What we expect from the Meetup A telegram group and other Social media channels that will be joined by these participants and will help to grow Nano Uganda

Community members who would wish to continue in establishing of Nano house in Uganda and this will primarily be used for event and meetup spaces Dev hub for creating our own dedicated tools on Nano, act as a Nano store for keeping Un purchased products.

Providing Internship opportunities to IT an computer Science Student.

Note The meetup will be recorded and shared over several social media channels for follow up

COVID-19 Uganda has been on Lockdown, Schools for 31day resuming on 27th-Apirl, Institutions like Universities will also resume on 2nd-May, Other lockdowns have only been for 14day and they will end by 15th this Month.

Once we face uplifts on lockdowns , our meetup will be scheduled to take place after the situation.


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