Ghana Nano Meetup

A Meet-up in Kumasi, Ghana to raise awareness on how Nano is championing a new wave of digital payments on the Africa continent. The meet-up will be for 80 people and the plan is to organise it for Jan/Feb 2020.

Aim A Meet-up in Kumasi, Ghana to raise awareness on how Nano is championing a new wave of digital payments on the Africa continent. The meet-up will be for 80 people and the plan is to organise it for Jan/Feb 2020.

Introduction The NanoGhana team have been working hard to build the beginning of Nano adoption in Ghana. This has included developing a presence on Twitter (@ghananano), posting videos of examples of local people using Nano and recording a really well received podcast including an interview with a local cryptocurrency trader. In the background the team have been developing Telegram bots to allow easy conversion of Nano into Mobile Money and Airtime credit which hopefully will be launched in Q1 2020. The Nano Africa website was also launched this month: The team feel they have reached the right time to organise a meet-up of local crypto-enthusiasts, merchants and entrepreneurs to showcase Nano. The meet-up will be a single day event hosted at a local hotel and will focus on providing education about Nano particularly around its application in the local community as well as for cross border payments, trading and sending and receiving money from relatives abroad.

Background The NanoGhana team are part of Blockchain Foundation Africa (BCFA - which is an organization based in Kumasi, Ghana with a core mission of propagating the benefits of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency on the general economic landscape in Africa especially for small businesses and start-ups. The team have previously organised a number of successful cryptocurrency meet-ups including a large meet-up for Epic Cash in August 2019, and PlayBetr as well as being key part of the CoinFest events. The NanoGhana team is lead by Philip Agyei Asare and Mustaphe Cole, Philip was recently included in the top 25 most influential fintech leaders in Ghana ( They have both been involved with cryptocurrency and digital money for many years.

Planned Agenda

  • Welcome Address
  • First Presentation: What is Nano?
  • Questions and Answers
  • Video Presentation: Colin LeMahieu (Founder of the Nano Foundation)
  • Refreshments
  • Second Presentation: Nano and Africa - How can Nano help you?
  • Breakout Session: Demonstration of how to setup a wallet, make a payment with Nano as well as focus on use cases including NanoMoMo (Telegram bot to allow easy exchange of Nano to MTN Mobile Money). The team would also hope that a telegram channel could be setup where the global community could demonstrate how easy it is to use Nano by sending Nano to the attendees.
  • Closing Comments
  • Refreshments


  • Venue/Catering, $580, The event will take place at the RosaPearl Hotel, Kumasi where the previous events have been hosted.

  • Marketing Promotions, $420, This will include traditional and digital media, there also will be T-shirts for attendees.

  • Transportation, $350, The team will organise transport for the attendees, unlike in Europe and the US many individuals don’t have transportation to get to the hotel and so rely on the team helping them. The hope is this will allow the meet-up to be inclusive as possible.

  • Setup, $360, This will include set design and backdrops for the event, posters will also be printed and will be re-used for future NanoGhana events.

  • Miscellaneous, $280, Additional expenses and costs as well as including $1 of Nano for each attendee

  • Total: $1990

In addition to the actual Meet-Up we will also organise:

  • Snapshot videos of the breakout sessions for use in the future (including simple guides to using Nano)
  • Record a follow up podcast about the event including interviews on the day
  • A Medium post about the day as well as inviting a local reporter to cover the event for local news.
  • There will be banners and posters displaying The Nano Center Logo and any major sponsor.
  • Setup a Telegram channel for attendees to communicate before and after the event.

Additional Information We recognise that the costs are high, the BCFA team have found that to have a high quality meet-up it is necessary to both use a good venue but also market the event to ensure that the meetup has a high impact. The NanoGhana team have worked hard to build a reputation in the Nano Community with the hope that the community will be able to support this event.


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